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Please post complete movie , not gif. Thanks :)

Not really a movie. Animation is a bit dizzy. There's no plot at all. All the random "slash" of paint.

More like a gif than a movie..


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x) that ending that turn to a plotwist

"Urumi become a minimum wage store clerk.. And Everybody else died of cancer"

Of course.. (Urumi got IQ of 200+ xD)

Nice a new Scratch game. (You used .sb2 to .swf converter don't you?)

Hmm, back to the review. The game is too short and there are no real objective. It's become boring after a few minutes.(A short MENU could be needed *OPTIONAL). There are no music at all , just a few sounds. You could have added a border to your game, so the car won't be half out of the map when too close to the end. (Maybe you could have added a background behind.)

The control are not fun to use, you take your time to spin, you could try to make it a 2d map, bigger , I mean like you know in some old rpg , when you were on a map that you could scroll by walking in 4 directions (I don't know the name of it this sorry.) , yeah but a map like this and you could drive the car like in the map and go to waypoint etc.

By the way, congrats on animating the 3d car , that must been hard. << +1 Like

Sorry for my bad english and for my rude review,but your games seem a bit incomplete and I'm sorry for my too long suggestion, I don't know how much you are skilled with list n' "2d" X-Y world (There are scratch tutorial for this by the way).

Well, Good Luck.

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ZoomPlay responds:

Alright thanks, I admit it isn't my best work. With a little love I could add more to this, but I'm not sure if I should continue working on this. Oh well I'm fine it's state. Though I admit that there should be a lot more content than there currently is. Do you think I should continue on this project?

The game look complete (very complete). The music match the genre of the game. Seem compatible for mobile version. A bit basic ,but that the problem of platformer ;/ ,maybe you could add powerups ,(or maybe there are ,because I stopped at the 1st world, Im sorry)

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-The proportion look to generally good.
-The colouration

-Your character look like he was stuck
-The right eyebrows is smaller than the other one.
-The right shoulder doesn't match with the left one. (Like he had one arm shorter)
-Basic Cap

SeNtoX responds:

Thanks for your thoughts:)
Allthough. The right eyebrow is the same length. Just has a scar through it. Cant see it that well because of the cap.
And its the cap i use. Thats why i chose it :)

-Good Proportion
-Good Perspective
-Background is all used.
-Really detailed

eduardo-secolin responds:

thanks man


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